Valentine Morning

IMG_6983Hi all– Just saw the last friends out the door from a morning of valentine-making.  My table’s still strewn with scissors and wiggly eyes, candy hearts and all shades of pinkish paper…  We cut and glued and pasted and stickered to our heart’s content.

IMG_6999And ate.  Little plates of cheeses and bread, olives and salami (love salami).  And cookies, lots of cookies.  And washed it down with mugs of coffee and “breakfast sangria”– that’s the fruity, sparkly drink you make without alcohol so you can serve it first thing in the morning!

I love those gals–the best kind of valentine friends.  It was grand.


6 thoughts on “Valentine Morning

  1. It was a perfect morning. The valentine ideas were wonderful and the food was great. Being with you and the other valentine friends, perfect!! 🙂

  2. Hey Cate– I love valentines too. They are just so cheery. Spent the afternoon today watching making valentines for all our kids/grandkids (and sort of watching the Superbowl). Happy Valentines Day to you!

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