A Walk in the Woods

IMG_7140Hey Hiking Buddies–  Have you noticed, some of the best conversations occur along the path while you are walking with a friend, someone you love to talk with?  And if you’re going to walk & talk, it’s even more gratifying if you can do it in a breath taking-ly beautiful place.

So I’m happy to tell you that is just what were were able to do last weekend, spend a quiet morning, along trails of the verdant Muir Woods, just across the bridge from San Francisco.  We strolled along a rippling stream, under towering redwoods, passing banks of ferns and wild flowers.  It was glorious.  So I wanted to pass on a few photos– hoping you get to make the same hike in these woods some day ahead…

IMG_7117    IMG_7173
Here we are, ready to hike our way through the forest, passed budding wild flowers.

IMG_7166    IMG_7128
Past stands of redwood trees, and posing for pics beside the gurgling stream.

IMG_7162     IMG_7145
Up the mountainside and across the bridge– a burl on a fallen tree.

IMG_7149     IMG_7183
Silent groves of redwoods towered over beds of sprightly clover. so lush & fresh.

It was a memorable morning– storing up all that green, all that beauty to take home with me.  So thankful for the time with our kids in the forest.  It was grand.


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