Out and About in San Francisco

IMG_7320Hello all–  Back from a lovely, long weekend with our kids in San Francisco.  You know there’s nothing a mom loves more than time with her kids.  So here’s a little peek at all the “fam” out and about in San Francisco.

IMG_7214     IMG_7313
IMG_7299     IMG_7319There were a couple of beach walks–  a blustery afternoon on Ocean Beach with our girls– and a day out with that crazy dog Harry at Fungston Dog Beach.  Lots of muddy ball chasing into water’s edge, sandy, splashy dirty fun.

IMG_7270     IMG_7232
photo 1     photo   And there were warm and wonderful afternoons at home with Aaron, Jessica and our baby Mae.  Good music, sunshine in the windows, quiet talk and the best Little Mae giggles…

IMG_7333     IMG_7357
IMG_7346     photo 1    
We trekked up the outcropping at Corona Heights Park with Ani and Brian for the views that stretched across the city to the bay–a rocky oasis of quiet in the bustling city.

bar_jules019_jr_x_mob     IMG_7221
photo 1     IMG_7228We had a grand night out starting at my favorite SF 
restaurant, Bar Jules, simply elegant fare in a cozy, welcoming place.  Then we strolled three blocks down to Davies Symphony Hall to enjoy the philharmonic “Night at the Oscars.”  Delightful.

IMG_7194     IMG_7134
IMG_7151     IMG_7156We crossed the foggy Golden Gate to take a morning hike in Muir Woods.  John, the John Muir fan, made it fun.   Walk and talk in a majestic forest– I’m wishing to go back and do it again soon…

Thanks Ani and Brian, AA and Jessica for taking care of us, as always,  in SF– to to Laurel and John for making the trek out from Chicago.  A weekend with you all is the best!

10 thoughts on “Out and About in San Francisco

  1. Oh the jealousy, looks like you had a grand old time in San Fran, cannot remember the name of the restaurant on the hill behind your daughters (where they are standing on the beach) – but it has lovely mosaic floors and a great bar area. Food only so so, but location is great. Have you ever tried the tacky tiki bar? Fairmont hotel? I love it in there, terrible of me of course 🙂

    • Oh when were you in SF? I’ve been to the Cliff House for dinner– remember the fabulous mosaics from when it was a beach resort years ago. But never tried the tiki bar of the Fairmont! Thanks for the recommendations. You are such a traveler!!

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