Almost On Their Way

Hello blog friends–  I have wonderful news for us here– “jumping up and down, can’t get to sleep, making lots of plans, rearranging the house” kind of news.  Our three grand-girls, along with their mom and dad, Jodi and Micah are moving to California from Shanghai, China at the end of March!!

We’ve made lots of trips to see them over the last 10 years.  And they’ve come this way a for some special events.  But now, they will be at “arm’s length”.  Think of all the trips to the library, the zoo, the mountains!  All that cookie baking and flower picking and park playgrounding…

OK, I’ll stop.  But I just wanted you to know the news.  So excited!

27 thoughts on “Almost On Their Way

  1. So happy for you! How terribly exciting! My nephew (age 27) just moved to Shang’hai in September. He is committed to living and working there (he works for Haworth) for 3 years. He is also newly engaged and his wife-to-be has also secured a job and will begin work there after they get married in August. So far, he loves it! Adventures abound! I had ideas of hooking him up with your son, but this is much better! You sound like such a fun grandma – I shall aspire to your example when my time comes (my oldest is 17 so I’m not in a huge hurry, mind you). 🙂

    • Hi Anne! Yes, Shanghai is a super amazing city. SO many people, unbelievable subway, fascinating food & markets, ultra modern parts of town next to old China neighborhoods. It is a great place to explore. Hope he’s found a good community of friends here… You could go visit!!

  2. Oh Rhonda- I am so very ,very happy for you and Larry!, what a joy and blessing. How fortunate your grandchildren are to have you actively involved in their lives. God is good

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  3. Wow…very exciting news indeed. I can just imagine you doing all the things on your “to do list with grand girls” 🙂 Very happy for your family.

    • Hey Jenny– yep, you know how much I miss those girls (since you have to listen to all my stories…) –also– I’m on your fitness pal ap and am excruciatingly losing a bit of weight! thanks.

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