Rich Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Wine Glaze


Hi all– Chocolate AND cake –two of my favorite “food groups” all rolled into one.  I found a version of this recipe in a recent Bon Appetit magazine featuring chocolate recipes from the newly legendary (does that make sense?) Mast Brothers of Brooklyn.

It’s the richest, more luscious chocolate cake I’ve come across.  A sliver satisfies the most immense chocolate cravings!  The sad truth (although not really so sad) is that I have neither the money nor ambition to track down the real Mast Brothers chocolate, as wonderful as I know it to be!  So I’m thanking them for the recipe and using more pedestrian dark chocolate to summon up this glorious cake.  Whatever chocolate you have at hand, I think you’d love this chocolate-y confection!


2 sticks butter (1/2 pound)
8 oz. dark chocolate (in small chunks about 1 1/3 cup)
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 cup flour
1 cup sugar
4 eggs

Melt the chocolate and butter (cut into chunks) together in the microwave– about 1  1/2 minutes.  Take it out and stir it well until the chips are completely melted and all is well blended.  Then whisk in the salt, flour and sugar.  Finally whisk the eggs into the mixture until it’s completely combined.

Pour the batter into a cake pan sprayed with cooking spray.  Then pop it into a 325 degree oven for  50 to 60 minutes.  Test for doneness by sticking in your sharpest knife to see if it comes out clean.

Cool the cake completely before removing it from the pan.

8 oz. dark chocolate
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup red wine

Make the glaze while the cake it cooking.  Put the butter (cut into chunks) and chocolate into a the microwave in a glass bowl.  Cook 1  1/2 minutes until it’s melty and then stir to blend it all together.  Whisk in the powdered sugar completely (it will be stiff).  Meanwhile pour the wine into a small saucepan and bring it to a rolling boil.  Then whisk it into the chocolate mixture until it’s smooth.  Let the glaze cool to room temperature so it will thicken a bit.

When the cake is cooled, pour the glaze evenly over the top of the cake, licking the spoon when you are done.  I think it’s best served up with a plop of whipped cream on a pretty plate.  Serve small pieces–so much chocolate!

Thanks to Simplygoodstuff tumblr for the typewriter picture at the top.

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