Pear & Cabbage Cole Slaw


Hi there– Cole slaw.  I’m such a big fan!  Not those mushy sour cole slaws.  I like it crunchy and a little sweet– to balance out my pulled pork or bar-b-qued burger!  And this recipe gets a lovely sweetness from pears with plenty of cabbage crunch as well.  You can make it in 10 minutes.  What’s not to love about this little bowl of sweet, green crunch?


4 tab. mayonnaise
1 tab. cider vinegar
1 tab. sugar
1/4 tsp. poppy seeds
dash of salt
grind of fresh pepper

Stir the dressing ingredients all together in the bottom of an ample mixing bowl.

1/4 small green cabbage
1 green pear (not too ripe)

Chop cabbage to bits.  Remove the core from the pear and julian it to neat little sticks.
Mix this all into the dressing and enjoy– best eaten cold from the fridge.  Makes 4 scrumptious servings.


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