Black and White Cake (& an earthquake!!)

IMG_8227Hi all–  My buddy Jill  comes up with the best get togethers– Tonight a bunch of us are headed over for a “Black & White Movie Night.”  We’re all wearing black & white clothes and she’ll summon up an old 1940’s movie on her big t.v.– And we’ll munch on black & white treats– root beer floats and pop corn during the movie– and a table of black and white cakes for intermission.  Here’s my contribution to the cake line up:

1 angel food cake mix
2 tab. butter
1/2 cup cream
1 cup chocolate chips.

that’s all.


You quite possibly are a better, more dedicated baker than me– but I just can’t make myself whip up an angel food cake from scratch– all that egg beating and finger-crossing in hopes it doesn’t fall…

Betty Crocker angel food cake mix never fails– no eggs, no greasing the pan, just mix a minute and a half–  It’s in the oven in just 3 minutes and always, always turns out angelic!
So step one in the “recipe” is make a box angel food cake.

Melt the butter in a sauce pan on low.  Pour in the cream and turn up the heat a bit and stir just until it starts to simmer.  Then pour in the chocolate chips and mix til they melt. Turn off the heat.  Then whip the glaze with a spoon for 2 or 3 minutes more to temper it a bit.

Let it cool to room temp and drizzle away on your cake– I recommend lots of chocolaty finger licking as well.
P.S.– This cake story has a crazy exciting ending!!– We were all settled into a dimly lit room watching the black & white 1948  Clifton Web movie, when a nearby 5.1 earthquake hit!!  Lights flipped on– all of us exclaiming and standing in doorways.  Then all the phones came out to call home!

Back at our house,  lots of things fell askew and a few dishes broke, but really we are A-OK.  But–  another school in our town was closed for earthquake damage and those children joined us at Laurel School– so my little school of 315 is now a school of almost 800!!  It’s a little crazy!!

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