Grand-girl Top Ten

Hi all– Well the grand-girls have been here for 10 wacky fun-filled days–time to send out the Grand-girl Top Ten– our favorites so far!

A back seat full of grand-girls, on their way to the zoo!!

IMG_8433     IMG_8329
IMG_8288     IMG_8284
After dinner fun in the new play house, opening all the envelopes full of surprises from the girls after breakfast,  Jet-lag strikes–mid coloring session & at the park.

#1.  Loading up at the Library– We’re set for snuggy bedtime stories.
#2.  Cut throat UNO games– Those girls get the giggles when they serve up a Draw 4 to Grandma!
#3.  New Secret Password (it’s “fancy pants” –don’t tell)
#4.  More than 1 trip to Yogurtland–load on those gummy worms!
#5.  Frequent spontaneous jet-laggish nap.
#6.  Sunday morning Sunday School –Charlotte told me it was “the best time she never-had!!”  (I think that’s good.)
#7.  Carrying over, putting together the playhouse on loan from next door.  (Thanks Trisha and Oscar).
#8.  Bathing suit shopping, ending in the pool at Great Grandma Lo’s.
#9.  Reading through a tall pile of drawing-letters from the girls, complete with homemade envelopes– stickers and colorful tape included.
#10.  A day out to the L.A. Zoo, with car naps for 3 girls & their grandma on the way home!

It’s happy, silly, exhausting fun to hang with these grand-girls– so glad there’s more ahead…

10154111_10152404209149665_2557245892860294758_n     IMG_8387
IMG_8381     IMG_8432
Off to explore the zoo,  Grandpa and Jobay check out the flamingos, Maryann reads to map to see where we are,  three grand-girls sleep all the way home.



19 thoughts on “Grand-girl Top Ten

  1. Haha, this is such a fun post!!! You are wonderful grandparents! I was so sad to have spent my childhood without grandparents (they were overseas as my parents migrated to Australia from England when I was small) and I very much look forward to my own parents getting to spend time with our kids when we have them. I bet your grandgirls will remember these adventures forever xx

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