A Fine Balance



Hi Reading Buddies–  Somehow I missed this book back when my book group read it– maybe I balked at the 600 pages.  But I picked it up at the library a couple weeks ago and have been absorbed by it ever since.

A Fine Balance is all about the characters–Dina, a capable widow who eventually takes in a young University student, Maneck and the two colorful tailors, Ishvar and Om to work for her.  Rohinton tells their sweeping stories so that you follow them from childhood to their eventual intersection of wary mistrust to eventual deep affection.  And at the same time you developed a fondness for them with all their strength and sweetness and idiosyncrasies, that keep you rooting for them all along the way.

The gripping story takes you through horrific caste cruelties, blatant government corruption, the world of beggars and low class workers.  But the intrepid heroes of this book trek on mostly hopeful, and determined to make a life for themselves in desperate circumstance.  The deeply moving stories of their lives will alter the way you look at the poor of the world.  Loved, loved this worthwhile book for world these characters opened up to me.


4 thoughts on “A Fine Balance

  1. A FINE BALANCE is one of my top 25 of all time. Devastating and transporting at the same time. These characters continue to live in my mind.

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