Why I Love School

IMG_6901Hi all– Well, I’m pretty sure you all reading out there have been in school a good chunk of your younger lives.  Some people like it more than others.  But me, I loved school, so I stuck around to teach with 3rd and 4th graders every day.    Here’s ten reasons why I think school is grand:

#1.  Kids–Each one is original, interesting and fun in their own way.
#2.  Books– We get to read lots of great ones together and individually.
#3.  Learning– It’s a joy to see students master long division or write a fabulous sentence.

IMG_6890#4.  Line up– Every morning my kids line up at 8:00.  All those fresh faces & a new day.
#5.  Art– We manage to squeeze a dose of “pretty” between all the math and grammar.
#6.  Conversations– Walking in line, before school kids have a lot of things to say…

#7.  Teachers– Love the people I work with, unselfish, kind, smart and just plain fun!
#8.  Variety– Every day, every class is unique. Time flies (no clock watching here).
#9.  Vacations– Have to be honest, I love by leisurely summers!
#10. Satisfaction– Love knowing my kids have grown through the year we spend together.


14 thoughts on “Why I Love School

  1. This made me smile. I can tell you are a great teacher – because you love those kids and you love teaching. My last day of teaching was bittersweet – I cried as I said goodbye to my students, knowing that I probably wasn’t going to come back in the fall… I still pray for them almost every day. I taught high schoolers, so some have already graduated and others are graduating next month. They were a special group and it was a joy to teach them. It must be so fun for you to see those little guys/gals grow up right before your eyes 🙂

  2. What a lovely tribute to you from a student. I’ll bet there are others just like it…what a great place for kids!

  3. So beautiful! You are a fabulous teacher… And educators like you gave me a life-long love of learning! I have actually just decided to go back to school (or rather, different schools in order to undertake different courses) 😀 x

    • Oh Marisa– that sounds intriguing– I think it’s even more exciting and worthwhile to study after you’ve lived out a bit of life away from school–gives perspective… Hope it all goes so well!

  4. Oh, this melts my heart! What a sweet note and a sweet post. Now that I am a parent, with a child in preschool, I have an even greater appreciation for how hard teachers work and how important they are!

  5. lovely post, lovely love-letter 🙂 – your enthusiasm is wonderful, many teachers I had over the years lost that love to teaching and just showed up. I have always loved to learn and was frustrated when I came across teachers who didnt want to teach me. For one of my unmotivated ones after tackling him various ways and not being successful (I petitioned our headmaster to replace him with a more motivated teacher, but when our class realized that meant they would have to work harder, I lost their support :)) So instead I gave myself personal homework assignments in Latin and then handed them to him saying, if you don’t want to teach the class, that overall is not motivated, at least please please teach me. As you can imagine, he didn’t so I gave up on Latin. People don’t understand the beauty of latin overall,they think it is old and irrelevant, so much of our language is based on that old language and the way the language is structured really helps you think and grow and understand the grammar of other languages like German or Russian.
    Anyway – I agree that good teachers are worth their weight in gold, they have the power to influence and motivate and to help kids gain confidence and to grow into who they want to be.
    Sadly a profession that is not valued enough!

    • Hi Poli– loved all you had to say– what an amazing story about a student asking to learn!! I have the best class this year–such little beavers and, like you, really do dig and want to learn. So it’s a joy to work with them every day. I’m sad to see them move on to 5th grade…

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