Where’d You Go Bernadette?

UnknownHi Book Reading Friends–  We’ll to start off, I’d like to recommend that you clear your calendar if you intend to read this book.  Once you start in, you won’t want to be distracted by making meals or going to work or sleeping…

This is the story of a Seattle family, the Foxes– Elgin, a genius at Microsoft–  bright & witty daughter, Bee–  the family dog, Ice Cream– and the titular Bernadette, former architect wonder and devoted mom.  The text is an inventive, readable  collection of emails, documents, correspondence, faxes and flashbacks…

It’s hard to tell right off if you love Bernadette or hold her at arms length.  She’s a recluse who handles her day to day chores through an off shore assistant in India– and battles the other private school moms with aplomb.  The give and take relationship of Bee and her mom propel the story along, up until Bernadette, as you can guess, disappears.  Then it’s up to 15 year old Bee to intrepidly track her mother down.

The story careens ahead, built around the clever, sarcastic, uber talented, at times gritty character of Bernadette.  There’s plenty of humor, suspense and just enough heart warming moments.  Thanks Maria Semple for spilling out this entertaining, engaging, thoroughly readable story.

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