Daily Thanks


Hi friends–  Perhaps I should have this verse tattooed to my arm–  maybe then I would always be reminded to give thanks daily, not rush through my hours with a heart unmoved to gratitude.   God’s shower of blessings, those seen and others  unnoticed deserve my constant thankfulness.

But I met a someone who had another solution.  We were sitting at a baby shower a couple weeks ago.  The adorable, soon-to-be new mom was opening  packages of shiny news children’s books and softy little pajamas, when a woman nearby heard her phone start to play a song.  “Oh,” she exclaimed as she extracted in from her bag.  “I have my phone set to play that song every day at this time, as a reminder to give thanks!”  That made us smile.

So this day, I’m giving thanks for Larry’s new job, for happy kids these last weeks in room #2 at school, for time to talk with Micah home from Shanghai, for the best olives and seeded bread waiting on the counter for a little Spanish meal tomorrow.

I am thankful.

4 thoughts on “Daily Thanks

  1. The song prompt on the phone is a fantastic idea! I often think the same… I get to the end of the day and I wonder why I’ve been stuck in a stressed, grumbling mindset for hours. I was actually talking about getting a tattoo last night with my husband (as I do like them but I’m too wimpy to get one). If I did, it’d be some sort of reminder phrase like this one! Thanks for the prompt to be ‘thankful’ 🙂 x

    • Hi Laura– I’ll join you in being too wimpy for the tattoo. There’s a teacher at my school who lost 50 pounds (!!) and she said she’s thinking about getting a small tattoo on her hand where she’ll see it when she opens the fridge! funny.
      Hoping you’re enjoying an unstressed, ungrumbly day there. Blessings…

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