Great Eight –San Francisco Weekend

photoHello all– Back from a grand kid-filled weekend in SF.  We hiked and talked and ate our way through 4 days together–nothing could be better.  So here’s my Great Eight:

IMG_9138     IMG_9191     #1.  Hanging out with our Baby Mae.  She’s a bundle of fun.  We patty-caked and sang and played with blocks.  Am already missing that girl.

IMG_9028     IMG_9027#2.  Hiking the Summit Trail at the San Bruno State Park– SF vistas and wild flowers galore.

IMG_9012     IMG_9014#3.  Brunch at the coziest little Higher Grounds Coffee Shop in Park Glen– pesto mushroom crepes, apple caramel crepes, banana chocolate too…

IMG_8998     IMG_9096#4.  Staying at AA & J’s welcoming condo– with morning walks for coffee at Sight Glass.

IMG_9109     IMG_9113#5.  Sunny Ferry Ride to Sausalito– crisp air and city views and then a morning touring the gorgeous Heath Ceramics factory.

IMG_9177     IMG_9178#6.  Walking through the construction zone that will be Aaron, Jessica & Mae’s home.

IMG_9077     IMG_9018#7.  Watching Aaron and Jessica be the best parents to that sweet Mae– so much talking, exploring, book reading…

IMG_9144     5335-300x216-Golden_gate_park1#8.  And our picnic dinner in the Arboretum at Golden Gate Park– chicken & mole tamales from Nopalito–ricisimo!.

Thanks Aaron & Jessica, Ani & Brian– for all the quiet talks, the scrumptious meals, and for driving us to and fro all over SF.  You’re the best!

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