tumblr_n3miajParS1rno97no1_250Hi there all–  Ran across this little poster and liked it right away.  It started me thinking… Years ago I read a worthwhile book titled, Happiness is a Choice (by Minarith & Meyer).  The basic idea was that we choose the responses to our circumstances and often have the choice of happiness as opposed to anger/bitterness/despair.  I know there are overwhelming times of pain and loss, of illness, that leave us bereft.  But  I also know I can lose my happiness over things that are pretty inconsequential in the long view of things–a flat tire or an overload at work.  That’s where the choice lies.

” I have found that people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”
 –Abraham Lincoln (1809-1965  Sixteenth president)

And Dennis Prager writes that we have an obligation, to the people close to us, to be happy– It makes their lives better, happier, richer…  It’s happiness for the sake of others, not just our own contentment.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”   Romans 12:12

I’m trying to carry this in the back of my mind–  “Choose Happy.”  Respond happily to the ups and downs–  finding joy in the hope I have in God–  being patient and prayerful.  God help me.

6 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Such great advice, Rhonda….it comes at a time when I am struggling mightily with this very thing. I think it’s a daily, even hourly, choice.

    Anne (Brenda’s friend)

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