Day Across the Bay

IMG_9119Hello friends–  Spent a sweet weekend with out kids in San Francisco, including a sunny morning ferry ride across the bay to Sausalito and an long awaited tour through the Heath ceramics factory.  All that clay mixing, form setting, edge trimming and color testing– It was an amazing view of the whole pottery process. (photo above is samples from the ceramics painting station)

IMG_9135     IMG_9129

All aboard at the ferry, along with a few hundred other day trippers, we skimmed across the Bay to the northern peninsula.

IMG_9115     IMG_9114IMG_9113     IMG_9120The Heath factory was smaller and much more hands-on than I’d imagined.   We strolled past vats of mud/clay, the mold room, and the kilns that dropped from the ceiling.  Last stop the gift shop, all that tempting pottery!!

IMG_9128     IMG_9125We had a quick lunch from the Deli counter at Driver’s Market with Brian’s parents, Kai & Jackie, who met up with us for the tour.   My pick– the “pig & fig sandwich” — golden fig jam, prosciutto, and manchego on crunchy bread with a mango orange soda.  oh yumm!

Then back across the Bay to San Francisco– to hang out with baby Mae.  Now I call that a near perfect day.  Thanks Ani & Brian for dragging us along on the grand adventure.

7 thoughts on “Day Across the Bay

    • Hey Poli– wish you could have come along– it was a beautiful breezy day and I loved the ceramics mill. I only have a couple pieces of that pottery– gifts from kids. But really like it.

      • Hi Rhonda it does look beautiful, sunny, breezy and the pottery adds a lot – I love the beauty of knowing something was made by hand, and where it was made, and the feel of it and the glazes, somehow individual pieces like that have their own voice and their own story 🙂 happy weekend!

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