Finding my Way Home

Unknown-1Hello friends–  A couple weeks ago in SF I picked up an old copy of Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott off a used book shelf.  I’ve loved a few of her books and this one I consumed in a few days.  It’s stories.  All the stories of her life of coming to faith, her honest, endearing, moving, sometimes embarrassing,  stories of a life lived open before God– and anyone else who reads this book.

She writes of faith and grace through drug addiction and the death of her dearest friend, about  Sundays she is bouyed by the vibrant singing in her small church.  And she shares a story from a friend that I found so true:

“When she was about seven, her best friend got lost one day.  The little girl ran up and down the streets of the big town where they lived, but she couldn’t find a single landmark.  She was very frightened.  Finally a policeman stopped to help her.  He put her in the passenger seat of his car, and they drove around until she finally saw her church.  She pointed it out to the policeman, and then she told him firmly, “You could me out now. This is my church, and I can always find my home from here.” “

I guess I loved that little aside because for me it’s true.  When I lose my way to what is right and true and eternal, when life is too confusing, I sit in church with the people I love who also believe– and I find my way home.  

I have to warn you that Anne’s irreverently reverent–not your typical Christian memoir.  But can she write!  And you can’t help but feel the love of God and his call on a life as you wade through her stories.  I loved it.

beachside-cafeP.S.  If you live in SF, I just have to recommend the Beachside Cafe (on Judah near the beach).  It’s run by an Irish couple who summon up beautiful scones and quiche and all manor of breakfast sandwiches.  And pots of Irish tea.  But the best is a tall book case of used books from Green Apple Books (another SF favorite), all for $5 each.  I always find something I’ve been wanting to read there, including this Anne Lamott.  


6 thoughts on “Finding my Way Home

  1. It’s amazing how your “reviews” don’t sound a bit like a review. It’s as if we’re sitting in that little Beachside Cafe and you’re telling me about a book you just read… I always feel like I need to run to the bookstore (or look it up on Amazon) so I can read it, too… and then we can talk about how we each felt about the different parts of the book. 🙂 Thanks, Rhonda.

  2. Thanks for this! So many have recommended Anne Lamott to me (including Brenda Lauer!) as I like to write. I’ve read excerpts but not any of her books in their entirety so I shall make that a summer quest. This one looks like it should go atop the list.

    • Hi Anne– Yep, I would trust any book recommendations from Brenda!! I like Anne Lamott’s nonfiction a whole lot more than her fiction. She is a very different Christian than most of the people I know– but to me she’s refreshing and honest and always gives me something to think about.

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