Some Fine Books for Kids

Hi Reading Buddies–  Everyday after lunch in room #2, we had the most tranquil time of day.  I read to the kids, the most page turning book I could drum up.  And then they read alone propped in various places around the room.  It just makes me happy sitting in the middle of a room full of readers.

So if you have some younger readers in your life and are always looking for book recommendations as I am, here’s some books that can take you into summer reading:


The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech is full of delightful quirky characters, starting with Lizzie and Naomi, a pair of orphaned friends who banter and bumble through the town of Blackbird Tree.  Then there’s the boy Finn who falls from a tree– and across the sea in Ireland, two unusual sisters, Nula and Sybil. There’s mystery secrets, humor and deeper meanings.  Fun and  yes, unexpected events make the book so charming.




This story, A Horse and His Boy, was one of our favorite read-alouds in room#2 this past year.  It’s the third in the C.S. Lewis fantasy series– the perilous trek of two runaways, Shasta, who lived with a poor fisherman, and a nobleman’s daughter, Aravis, along with their talking horses. They come upon trickery, magical encounters and in the end a noble battle.  We loved these likable characters and their rocky interactions.  A profound adventure story.



Unknown-1Slylark, is the sequel to Patricia MacLachan’s better known Sarah Plain and Tall.  It continues the story of Anna and Caleb, who live on the Nebraska prairie with their father and Sarah, who came from Maine to marry and be their mother.  The family faces a severe drought, loss of dear neighbors who abandon their farms.  They survive a fire and endless heat, but in the end Sarah and the children retreat to Maine and the house by the sea.  What will become of the farm? of their family?  –a heartwarming picture of the difficult life of pioneers and a family who lived it.
P.S.– There’s a wonderful film version starring Glenn Close and Christopher Walken to follow up your reading.

It’s summer– big trips to the library followed by long, bookish afternoons.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Some Fine Books for Kids

  1. Great reviews, Rhonda, as always. Makes me want to take a quick trip to the library and get a bunch of these books. I’ve been reading a lot on my Kindle lately, but I just love having the real thing in my hand, turning the pages, especially when reading to little ones. I just love the art in children’s books – sometimes I wish books for “grown-ups” had some of that. 🙂

    • Now there’s a fun idea Daisy– illustrated adult books– I do love kids picture books too. Have collection of favorites from trips to other countries that I can’t even read– but love the illustrations!

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