Morning Blessing –Jose Maria

IMG_4442Good morning all– Early in our marriage, we lived in Spain, beginning the stay in the Andalucian town of Utrera.  There are many people we grew to love there and one of the liveliest, the wisest, the most caring was Jose Maria, the heart of our little church in that town.  Nowadays instead of sitting at his table up on the roof eating tapas and talking into the night, I find him on Facebook!  Here’s what popped up a while back…

Buenos días a todos, con el deseo de que el Señor derrame en nuestras vidas espíritu de oración y no nos endurezcamos por el engaño del pecado.
¡Con Cristo todo se explica, sin Él no se entiende nada, solo Cristo es la respuesta al alma desorientada!”

“Good morning to all, with the desire that the Lord spill on our lives spirit of prayer and we not be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.
With Christ everything makes sense, without  him there is no understanding, only Christ is the answer to the disoriented soul! ”

He’s a man who loves God with all his heart & soul & mind.  The photo above is a visit with him and his gracious wife Carmeli 2 year ago.  And below are more pictures of the Pueblo de Utrera from that visit…

IMG_4430  IMG_4410  IMG_4437
From Utrera:  the facade of the City Hall, a kiosk on the main plaza, view down a narrow street in the center of town.


6 thoughts on “Morning Blessing –Jose Maria

    • Hi Daisy– Claro que si! We lived in Costa Rica one year going to language school for Spanish and lived in Spain for 12 years beyond that. It’s been nice because I teach at a title 1 school where many of he parents only speak Spanish– So I get to used it still.

      • Wow! 12 yrs! My husband & I were able to travel to Spain twice and it was fun getting to see some of the sights on our day off. The Pastor in Spain took us to Toledo on the first trip, and on the second we got to go to Alhambra. Both were great to see, but I’d have to say my favorite was Toledo. It was like stepping back in time.

        • I do love Toledo too– those old winding streets in the center of town and the glorious cathedral! And the Alhambra is impressive. Fun to hear you were there too… I do really miss the people we lived life with there– and the beauty of the old parts of the cities and the food!

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