Dinner in a Chinese Village

Hi all–  Been missing my sis, Luanne, and dragged out the photos of our visit 2 summers ago in China.  She lived in a village near Lijiang, China.  And one evening her friend “Thomas” (I’m sorry I don’t know his real Chinese name) invited us all to dinner in their traditional Naxi home. I thought maybe you’d like to see it too. It was a feast I’ll never forget…

When we arrived, Thomas and a friend were fishing for our soon-to-be dinner.

There was a table filled with the finest food summoned up by Thomas’ sister and girlfriend.  The aforementioned fish took center stage– and my favorite were the “wheels” of lotus blossom root on the top right corner of the table.  Don’t you want to taste it all?!

Here is part of our dinner, steaming in the wok over a wood fire.

We gathered around the table to share the beautiful, bountiful plates prepared for us.

Dishes are washed out in the courtyard– No water is plumbed into the Naxi kitchen, which a separate building across the courtyard from the other parts of the home.

Thank you to Thomas (here with his cousin) for the warmth and generosity of sharing your home with us.  It was an marvelous memorable meal.


8 thoughts on “Dinner in a Chinese Village

    • Hi Cate–thanks! I have to admit the pictures were from Larry’s phone– I didn’t want to drag out my camera in the middle of dinner, but Larry can be very discreet with his phone!

  1. like looking at pictures from gourmet magazine travel section or national geographic 🙂 wonderful so jealous and I applaud you for just experiencing all life has to off you

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