The Lowland

Unknown-2Hi Book Buddies–  Just closed the cover on The Lowland.  Loved it.  A moving story of people living between 2 cultures, set years ago in India, ending in present day U.S.  Lahiri is a compelling, if understated, story teller, quietly weaving the lives of the 5 main characters over 50 years of emotional conflict and cultural tensions.

The story starts In Calcutta with two closely knit brothers, who take divergent paths.  When a family tragedy occurs, their lives are connected in new ways and the ensuing years pay the price of decisions made.  The persistence of the past runs through each of the characters lives with emotional force and you find yourself waiting and hoping for the best for them against the odds.

Life in India, the story of immigrants, the unraveling of a family– all pull you through the story.  I love Lahiri’s writing (Pulitzer Prize winner) for its descriptions of time and place, for it’s quiet, clear opening of lives and relationships.  I’m glad it landed on my summer reading list.

P.S.  Lahiri’s other excellent works include:
Interpreter of Maladies
Unaccustomed Earth
The Namesake: a Novel
(also a movie)





4 thoughts on “The Lowland

  1. Rhonda, the book sounds wonderful! putting that on my list. reminds me a little of “a suitable boy”, India provides such a colorful, exotic backdrop for a great story!

      • I wonder if I were the one who commented about it on another of your book club posts.. and yes, I loved it. it’s very long, sometimes almost excessively so, but the plot is lovely, and even with the hundreds of books I read year upon year, I always remember how exotic the book was, and how interesting the story. quite a remarkable read.

        • OK, so I looked up the book on Amazon and read several reviews– 1500 pages!! yikes! But it does sound like a book I would really love. always love good book recommendations. Thanks Sonya!

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