The Forest Feast– Erin Gleeson


Hey there–  I’m not an impulse book buyer.  Usually I read reviews, probably check on it at the library, or borrow it from a friend.  But when Ani & I ran across this bright and beautiful cookbook, I couldn’t resist scooping one up!

Erin Gleeson has produced possibly the most beautiful cookbook on record!  Filled with vivid vegetarian dishes, as wonderful to the eye as they would be to your tastebuds!  She lives in a wooded rustic home and that is reflected in the book along with her simply beautiful painted illustrations, brilliant photographs and handwritten notes throughout.  The recipes couldn’t be more straightforward or simple.  No fancy dishes that require a culinary education, just luscious colorful plates of food stunningly presented.  It’s a supremely browsable book, as well as a call to rustle up some beautiful food.


2 thoughts on “The Forest Feast– Erin Gleeson

  1. A new cookbook, how fun! I love looking through recipes, deciding which ones would be great to try… Love the drawing-style cover. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of those recipes in your future posts?…hopefully 🙂

    • Yep, it’s so pretty Daisy– the photos are all in woodsy settings, so rustic. And the recipes are mostly so simple and handwritten– and the food is just plain beautiful. One of those super inspiring books.

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