San Francisco with the Grand-girls (or Fun in SF with kids)

IMG_0671 Two girls by the fanciful fence of the Mission Playground, SF

Hi there–  Just back from a rollicking trip to SF with the grand-girls!  It was a whole lot of swinging, sliding, singing, dancing, jumping, story reading, ice cream licking fun…

Before we started off we wrote up our TRIP RULES:
#1. Play on at (at least) 3 playgrounds
#2. Take Harry the Dog for a walk daily
#3. Eat 5 ice cream cones
#4. Give 10 hugs every day
#5. No grouching allowed

Here’s the highlights:

IMG_0130     IMG_0144 IMG_0200     IMG_0179On a cloudy day we hiked down the trail to Funston Beach– a off leash dog beach, where you’ll meet every size and shape of dog you could imagine!  Dog watching, hill climbing paradise!

IMG_0303     IMG_0319 10527271_10103303559986113_5510079715396104629_n-1     IMG_0342There was the big day out at the San Francisco Zoo! Love zoos and this is a perfect one– not too big, not too small, lushly landscaped and easy access to all those animals–  Oh the giant giraffes, the tumbling otters, the stately gorillas…  Throw in a playground set in three world biomes and a carrousel and it was a super day out!

IMG_0408      IMG_0411Harry the Dog and the grand-dgirls had a running good time one evening at Crissy Field, in the shadow of the gold Gate Bridge.  (In the first picture they are pretending to be exhausted after running non stop all evening)

IMG_0437     IMG_0463 IMG_0466     IMG_0449We launched out on a foggy morning hike along the Land’s End Trail– catching glimpses of the Golden Gate through the shifting fog.  Loved all the ocean views, forested pathways and wild flowers.  (The dramatic pose on the bottom left are hikers being frightened in the scary forest–???)

IMG_0539    IMG_0640 IMG_0537     IMG_0532 My personal fave was taking the 2 grand-girls to meet their cousin Mae–time for playgrounds, ice cream (one of sweet Mae’s first words!) and reading books…

IMG_0618     IMG_0615 IMG_0627     IMG_0630We happened into a sunny day for our wave jumping at Ocean Beach.  What started as just getting ankles wet quickly degenerated into full scale bathing in the sea.  Great soggy fun!

IMG_0690     IMG_0688 IMG_0698     IMG_0701One sunny afternoon in SF found us back in Golden Gate Park for a stroll around the lush flower gardens.  The girls picked out favorite Dahlias and named them after people in the family.

IMG_0718     IMG_0719Our last morning, we took the muni into town and explored Chinatown, while we shopped our way along the streets, picking up treats to take home to the family.


Thanks Aaron & Jessica for the great “hang-out” time.  And thanks Ani & Brian for planning so many great outings and cosseting us at the Casa Heung.  And thanks Charlotte & Maryann for being cheerful, excited, curious, enthusiastic travel buddies.  Loved it!


9 thoughts on “San Francisco with the Grand-girls (or Fun in SF with kids)

  1. Absolutely delightful! You have created memories that will last for all of your lifetimes and can never be taken from you. You are all so blessed to have one another. Thank you for sharing the joy!

  2. This post made me smile for so many reasons:) Love the rules, love the outings, love the pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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