Eating with the Grand-girls in San Francisco

10414539_10103171440295033_8777143104621033161_nBreakfast at Andytown– fresh baked soda bread and homemade scones, muffins…

Hi friends— Like most trips, going up to see the family in SF involves some delightful eating!  This time the trip was all about entertaining those 2 grand-girls in tow.  So here are a few highlights,  eating, small girl style in San Francisco…

IMG_0113     IMG_0571   Andytown, is the new coffee grinder/baker in the Sunset.  It’s owned by an Irish couple who bring the best soda bread out of their oven (his grandmother’s recipe).  It’s smart, stylishly modern, but the scrumptious baked goods are definitely old fashioned and homemade.  Weekend breakfast at Andytown in a regular habit for Ani & Brian.

img_7351     IMG_0637For cousin lunch with Baby Mae, we stopped by the Wooly Pig Cafe and picked up an assortment of their amazing sandwiches– for a little sandwich buffet lunch followed by the requisite trip to year another new playground.

IMG_0364     IMG_0374.

IMG_0363     l
A short trek from our day at the zoo, brought us to the House of Pancakes, that’s Chinese pancakes!  It’s a small friendly place and if you peek through the doorway into the kitchen you can see noodles being pulled by hand, the old fashioned way.  Our girls were happy to eat here– especially the dumplings.   Chinese food is comfort food for them!

Bi-Rite5     IMG_0535We set off on our travels with a list of “5 TRIP RULES,”  the first being, “#1. Eat at least 5 ice cream cones.”  We did our best to follow this essential rule!  And there’s no where better to pick up a marvelous cone of ice cream than at Bi-Rite Creamery, a convenient walk from the fancy new Delores Park playground.  With flavors like honey lavender and coffee toffee (with Ritual coffee), it’s the best!

IMG_0249    IMG_0252    After a full day of beach hikes, we landed at the Pacific Catch, Fresh Fish Grill.  Loved the spiced maui sandwich with avocado, red onion, tomato and citrus aioli.  And since it’s just across the street from Golden Gate Park, we ambled over to another super playground.

IMG_0726And one last ice cream (well, yogurt!) on the drive back home!!  Thanks Charlotte and Maryann for all the super duper girlie fun!!!  xoxo Gr Rhonda.


thanks for the photo I borrowed– Ani and burritos&

12 thoughts on “Eating with the Grand-girls in San Francisco

    • Hi Daisy!– the first photo, I borrowed from my daughter Ani– she’s a fun Instagram-er and I love her pictures. It was really a fun place to breakfast– the baked things were pretty perfect!

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