The Snow Child


Hello Reading Friends–  If you grew up with fairy tales, you’re likely to love this tale weaving the wild magical beauty of a snow child with the harsh realities of the Alaskan wilderness of the 1920’s.  It is the story of an older couple, Jack and Mable, who escape to a farm in the Alaskan forest after losing a still born son– their labored struggles in this ungiving land and the loneliness are tempered by the joy of a mythical child and the real help of warm hearted friends.

Then one night after a fresh snowfall, the couple find themselves in the yard, patting together a snow child, a sweet girl, with a sculpted face and hair made of hay.  The next day the snow girl is gone, but Jack sees a small girl running on the edge of the woods.  The story continues with their love and care for this elusive child as she grows and becomes a young woman, yet remains a part of the fierce Alaskan countryside.

There is a welcoming and boisterous neighbor family that figure heavily into the story and add a bit of welcome humor, the creatures of the woods and austerity and beauty of Alaska along the Wolverine River that make this magical tale into a real story of the love and longing for a child, the warmth and bonds of true friends and an unusual, tender love of a young man.

I think you’ll find this book to be a page turner, simple, sad, tender but with an underlying sense of of joy that eventually comes–all wrapped in the magic and awesome beauty of the Alaskan frontier.

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