Little Quilts

IMG_1096Hi all–  A couple weeks back my daughter-in-law, Jodi, decided she wanted to learn to quilt– launching off with a couple doll quilts to send to friends back in China.  We headed to the cavernous M&L Fabric shop and spent an afternoon searching out the best fabric combinations, cut up piles of squares and set to work!!

IMG_9987     IMG_9992

Well, you know then the grand-girls wanted to get in on the project.  So I pulled out the scrap tub and they picked their own quilt fabric to cut and sew.  We took turns stitching up square on their quilts.  Good grandma–grand-girl summer fun.

IMG_1010     IMG_0923

Lovin’ the time with my little quilting buddies…



16 thoughts on “Little Quilts

    • Hi Cate– yep, they have limited quilting attention spans! But it as really fun together and they love the finished product. I love having them here, but my son got a job teaching physics (so grateful) about 2 hours north in Ojai, so they’ll be moving up there in the next couple weeks!! (I see a lot of road trips in our future!)– How are you doing with your kids?…

      • Hi Rhonda…yes I am back with the girls for a few weeks…then I will head back with them to get ready for school starting in Sept….I will stay about a month this trip to make sure their school routine is well grounded and Brian has a few meetings he has to attend that will keep I’m away a few days. Just doing what I can to help everyone be successful!

        • Whoa– I didn’t know you were staying so long. But it will be a huge help to Brian and what great memories for you and the girls as they’re settling in to a new place–glad you have the time to do it! They are blessed…

    • Hi Suzanne– yep we had big fun putting them together– Been missing you on your blog this week– Hope you’re too busy with some fabulous project/vacation/or just taking lots of naps???

    • Hi Mary!! I know. Don’t you love that place? It’s a fabric wonderland– just make you want to take on a project. I usually end up there with Sally Monken–she’s a great quilter…

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