Beachy Summer Evening

IMG_0881Hello friends–  Spent a warm summer evening with the family hiking across Balboa Island, ferrying over the bay and splashing on the beach at Newport.  Sort of a farewell to summer as well as to the kids.  Our son Micah has a new job teaching physics 2 1/2 hours north so they’ll be moving up…   I’m already missing them!

IMG_0840     IMG_0908
Charlotte on the island walkway– view across the bay.

IMG_0900    IMG_0848
Took a breezy ride across the back bay on the little ferry, past the fun zone to the beach.

IMG_0878     IMG_0884
Three soggy girls spent an hour happily jumping into little waves.

IMG_0901     IMG_0906
Goofy faces as we ambled back across the island with a stop along the way for the requisite chocolate covered frozen banana (with bright sprinkles for girls!).  Thanks Micah & Jodi for the sweet time together.  Looking forward to summers ahead with you…

7 thoughts on “Beachy Summer Evening

  1. Very nice pics Rhonda! At least they won’t be terribly far. I understand having to let them go…….
    My girls live 2 blocks away but they are moving – just a mile or two – LOL You would think they were leaving the country!
    We all may need many acres and several houses spread out so we can be “together”. That would be ideal.
    Enjoy your times with them. 😀

    • I like your homes on acres idea!! They moved yesterday but I’m here in Chicago visiting my youngest daughter and sadly missed the big move!! But I got text updates through the day and a face time tour of the new house. I’m praying it will be a blessed place for them there–moving from China it’s been a very long process and I’m thankful they are settled at last. And you can bet I’ll be up there in the next week!!

      Thanks Cate for you sweet note. I love hearing from you– always love reading your posts…

  2. Another great day with your family! Excited for Micah’s new job…I know you will miss the daily time with them all. Where will they be living? Glad they will still be close!

    • Hey Debi– they are moving up to Ojai– Just moved into a faculty home yesterday and I’m hoping/praying it will be a wonderful new place for them. I know you are doing the same for Brian and the girls… Fun to hear from you!

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