Before Summer’s Gone…

From a summer birthday walk a couple weeks ago with Jenon at Laguna Beach.

Hey there– It’s looming– the end of summer.  There’s just 2 weeks before school starts and I’ll be spending my days with a room of (hopefully) adorable 3rd graders.  So to wrest the last bits of summer fun out of the days left, I’ve made a list:


#1.  Take one last summer trip to San Francisco — to walk, to eat, to talk with our kids and, of course, get in all the books and cuddles we can with our Little Mae.–and a stop in Ojai to see the bigger grand-girls on the way home!

#2.  Bake a one more fruit cobbler — to be topped with generous scoops of ice cream.

#3.  Morning walk with old friends to eat outdoor breakfast and catch up our summer stories from near and far.

#4.  Spend one day lazing on the couch with a stack of library books.

#5.  Sit an evening in the jacuzzi laughing with my young moms group.

#6.  One more evening beach walk with Larry–kicking off those shoes to in wade a bit.

#7.  Pick the last summer tomatoes and make that recipe for a tomato tart on the cover of the August Food Channel magazine.

#8.  Bar-b-que some skewers and make a bright salad for dinner with friends out back under the maple trees on a warmish summer evening.

#9.  One last summer walk to Yogurtland (Larry figures the walk just about offsets the calories consumed in the cup of yogurt).

#10.  Spend a morning by the open back windows to think and plan and pray for the months ahead…  God is good.

Well, that should about do it.  It I can happily squeeze all this into the 2 weeks left, it will be a fine finish to our summer.   I do love a good list.  Do you have one you’re checking off?


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