Top Ten with the Fam

Here’s our “not quite ready” family portrait the weekend Micah, Jodi and girls arrived.  Thanks for trying Aaron!!

Hello there friends– Well, if you’ve been reading this little blog at all for the last few months, you’ve seen plenty of pics of the grand-girls while they were living at our house, just arrived from Shanghai.  But they’re sadly gone, moved on.  And things are pretty quiet (dull?) around here!

They are settled up in Ojai, two hours north, where Micah and Jodi are teaching.  The girls are ensconced in a new school and they are hiking the hills of Ojai!

So just to remember the time with them, I’m making a little “scrapbook” post of our time together.  It was a whole lot of chaotic fun and I miss those girls now every day…

IMG_8437     IMG_8866#1.  We had lots of every day fun, reading library books, making puzzles, bath time and cooking up muffins.

IMG_1102IMG_1152     IMG_1117

IMG_1142#2.  And we spent a full day galloping through the La Habra Children’s Museum.

IMG_8545     IMG_8551#3.  There was the big bonus of Jodi’s home cooking,  real Chinese food!

IMG_8381     IMG_8387    #4.  We walked our legs off on a hot day at the Los Angeles Zoo–  Those girls are troopers.

IMG_0954#5.  The 2 big girls and I spent a couple days making summer scrapbooks– lots of photos, simple sentences and 5 & 7 year old art work.

IMG_0911      IMG_0884
IMG_0849#6.  One Sunday evening we cooled off splashing at Newport Beach and riding the Back Bay Ferry to get a frozen banana.

IMG_0936#7.  Back behind the garage we planted zinnias and sunflowers for some fall flowers.

IMG_8506     IMG_8507#8.  There was some splashy Easter egg dying when the girls first arrived.

IMG_9988     IMG_0926#9.  With plenty of snipping and stitching, the girls put together their doll quilts.

IMG_0631 IMG_0134     IMG_0539

10463722_10103321999558063_6632792410892087368_o#10.  And the highlight of our summer together was a trip to San Francisco to visit Aunts and Uncles, play with Harry the wonder dog and to meet cousin Baby Mae!

So glad Micah and Jodi and those 3 girls for the time with you herewith us– and glad you’ll be close by ahead.


13 thoughts on “Top Ten with the Fam

  1. Rhonda, I’m just catching up (since I’ve been gone) on your blog posts and enjoying reading all the recipes, book reviews, and wonderful family photos. What a beautiful “scrapbook” post of your summer with the girls! My favorite photo has to be that last one. Just gorgeous!

    • Hi Marissa– they were with us for 5 months– lots of crazy noisy days– and now we really miss them around here. But we’re getting up to see them 2 1/2 hours north pretty often.Thanks for your note…

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