Back to School Thanksgiving

A class full of fourth graders with our teacher Mrs. Mitchell at Wilson School (1961).  

Hi there– We started back to school last week.  And after our first few days together, there’s a lot to be thankful for.  So Thanksgiving is coming a bit early, counting God’s blessing for the school year ahead…

#1.  Those bright eyed “school girls” who come in early and start in on reading quizzes and morning math problems…

#2.  That little cluster of soccer playing boys, who would rather be at recess.  They challenge me to keep things fun & engaging in room two.

#3. That big guy who speaks English as a second language, but it tearing his way through our classroom library at a tremendous rate!

#4. The girl in the front row, who would’t give up figuring out place value– asking dozens of questions in her attempt.

#5.  Joanne, Kim, Maryann and Becky, by beloved teaching buddies who help me through computer glitches, pass along great writing prompts, share history study projects and listen to my periodic whining when things get complicated.

#6.  A new principal with a ready laugh and a listening ear.  She’s determined to help us to help kids learn.

#7.  A chance to read with a room  full of children every day– BFG here we come!  There’s a lot ahead this year with this room full of fab fourth graders…

Thank you Lord, for all these things and more.

P.S.– Debi, did you see yourself in the front row in that grade school photo?

6 thoughts on “Back to School Thanksgiving

    • Julia– yep, lots has changed, but some things are the same– helping kids become readers, learners… I’m old enough that we had to wear dresses to school, clear through high school. That’s changed!

  1. I do, Rhonda! What fun to see this picture! Lots of good memories of Wilson Elementary! Praying you have a wonderful year. Thank you for being such a great teacher to these young minds! Hugs!

  2. Yes, we are back at it. Great photograph. I remember those days when we wore our Sunday best for class photo’s and lined up perfectly. I love how the boys have their pants cuffed up a good 4 inches and how their mother’s hoped the knees will last for several growth spurts. But, then they were usually patched up by the end of the year. Toughskins were brilliant, weren’t they? I really like this post Rhonda. Have a good year! 🙂 Seana

    • Toughskins!! I had forgotten about them– my brothers used to wear those pants. funny. I hope you have a great school year ahead too, Seana. I like this time of year, launching back into a little order after the relaxed summer… thanks for your note.

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