Girls Galore!!

IMG_2624Hello all– It’s been a crazy fun couple days.  Micah, Jodi and the grand-girls drove down for the weekend and we’ve been eating, romping, story-reading and play-grounding away!  Here’s a couple of the highlights:

IMG_2614     IMG_2575
We laid out on the kitchen floor to draw out this years Thankful Heart Chart– and the girls had a grand time crawling in and out of their new “sleeping tents.”  (We had their little tent village in the front room for bed time).

10733991_10152904835869665_1930834596238319730_n     IMG_2594
There was some “zip lining” at the neighborhood park.

IMG_2611     IMG_2620
Always bedtime stories and the morning French toast.

Thanks Micah and Jodi for making the trek down from Ojai– for a just right weekend together.  (note: Maryann’s got a hold of new family member BooBoo– they are dog sitting for a few weeks.)


10 thoughts on “Girls Galore!!

    • Yep Suzanne– it was great. Those girls love to climb all over their grandpa– and I’m sore this morning liked I was doing heavy yard work! –from keeping up with those girls! — and they did love the little tent beds– gives us an extra “bedroom” in our living room for when the whole family is here at Christmas!

    • Hi Brenda– The tents were BIG fun– with the added bonus that they get to sleep faster all tucked away like that! We ordered them online from Walmart– and had to order the blow up mattress that fits inside separately. We’re going to put them up when everyone’s here for Christmas to make space for everyone to sleep over. Happy Thanksgiving next week with your kids!!

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