San Francisco Thanksgiving

LYCfGTOTWWB7-3oMm_qV9D62pCUlgSsIzE-v7eLkr6UHi friends– Just home from a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with all of our kids– the first time we’ve all been together like this since 2009!  You know that warms an old mother’s heart!!  Here’s the “great eight” of our rollicking sweet time together:

IMG_3015     IMG_3044

IMG_3051     Kt0k5JOUeYnAA6pTthAiqSt4MKLPGUrwZaUqMwahauc     #1. Our Thanksgiving Dinner– Jessica set the prettiest table and piled our plates with all those Thanksgiving dishes that make it feel like a day to give thanks.

mGoRZXVBWp1iSxpOttaReZwoHcTvZXmFK0WZxbC8i0Y     8nGwFM361svm0NMuJ-gOVUp2muhYmLxDqu4D30sYIfk

ogiMK2J8RGR8LV36Wqb8QMrHASFttPXdMaQQeSDrRLo     BHgox5b68o9G0q3uqBywAHZgEJMprzAK6P63NGgypH8#2.  Thanksgiving morning most of the family hiked off to Land’s end in view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean beyond.

IMG_3141     yuw-PggmgTYDlxDj99aqzka6i89941-B2KaBvT50ENA

IMG_3090     IMG_3088     #3.  Ani & Brian invited us all in for a post Thanksgiving Brunch– serving up Chinese “jook” laced with turkey—supplied by Brian’s mom, along with her amazing pecan pie!!

zU-q0eL57DktWFRG_F3VPUWjwTIGliFBowYy8hCa0B0  IMG_3151  IMG_3145 . .
#4.  Our most elegant meal was hosted by Aaron & Jessica at Spruce– all dressed up in our best, sitting by the fireplace, a beautifully served meal   –even the grand-girls were impressed!  And I loved the time at the end of the meal to share around the table why we were thankful.

NTxhR9QPv9_2M9VoDCc8NEeyCLhps93KCqVPGpMSqnA     QWnwhAD-1SNveryyaRnTbeOlkrfEHzyXeeqbfUDDCkA

IMG_3095     IMG_3164#5.  And you know we loved, loved having those grand-girls at arms length!

IMG_3213     IMG_3220#6.  Saturday morning Jessica brought us all to her favorite florist for a wreath making class– clipping and wiring and arranging. Oh, and snacking on tea goodies and mimosas.   It couldn’t have been more fun!!

IMG_3236     IMG_3242

IMG_3243     IMG_3246#7.  And I learned how to make the Best Pizza from Jessica and her pizza steel!  It was grand — from rounding up pizza supplies at Bi Rite to the chopping, sprinkling and pulling those piping hot pizzas from the oven.

aHqxUJxo_ceSM0AIZZBrSPNQTqdqPDaks_0Txpdd36E#8.  And of course, the very best, was all just being together.  So thankful for the time with those kids.


18 thoughts on “San Francisco Thanksgiving

  1. Rhonda, what beautiful photos! This post is like pages out of your family scrapbook. To have all the kids together — how wonderful! So glad you were able to do that! The food looks amazing, too 🙂

  2. Nothing like spending time with family & making memories! To have everyone together in one place is extra special. Such a sweet family and precious pictures. Thanks for sharing!!

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