A Houseful of Christmas 2014


The fam at it’s best??  Well, I just like this wacky out of focus picture in front of (& totally blocking) our tree!

Hello all– It’s been a fine Christmas– we’ve had our small house full of kids coming and going for 10 days– so much cookie eating, game playing, and noisy meals together. Just what an old mom loves…

IMG_2678     IMG_3504

IMG_3484     IMG_3567

DSC00077     10899959_10103786507620183_1618436917478308224_oThere were lots of meals together around the table– the table all set for Christmas breakfast, a plateful of ham lunch on Christmas Eve, breakfast oatmeal in the kitchen, and Christmas morning panettone French toast, Christmas night tapas by the fireplace (my favorite meal) and seated around the table on Christmas Eve lunch.

IMG_3575IMG_3586     IMG_3585We opened this Christmas gifts with a flurry and some thank you hugs.

DSC_0212     IMG_3514And enjoyed celebrations with our larger families on both sides.–Here’s the annual “cousins picture” with Grandma Lo– and my mom with her great grand-daughter Jobay, examining the nativity– at my brother’s house.


DSC00041     DSC00052
After the celebrations. we spent our days out and about–  walking around the lake at Tri-City Park and of course, stopping at the playground.

DSC00124     DSC00197

DSC00174     DSC00179On Saturday we took a multicultural trip around LosAngeles– Grand Central Market, Olvera Street (original L.A. street), Little Toky0–Maryann’s nibbling her ice cream mochi.

IMG_3451     DSC00066

IMG_3627     DSC00261

10848975_10103786507630163_1014913205936581086_o     10856540_10103786506158113_6146237909884696362_o

10341752_10103785124486993_842882026834444943_nAnd all the times in-between, we just kicked back at home– decorating Christmas cookies, looking at photos, playing with new Christmas toys and, of course, the requisite walk to Yogurtland, reading through the stack of Christmas story books and playing endless games of “heads up!” (telephone charades)

It was a grand time together.  Thanks for coming home Micah, Jodi, Charlotte, Maryann, Jobay, Ani, Brian and Laurel-Lu!  Loved it!

P.S.  I have to write down another few favorites (is anyone still reading by now??!!) –things I want to remember– like the Midnight Christmas Eve service at St John’s– all those carols and handbells,  the beautiful  day at the beach with Ani & Brian, “The Muppets Family Christmas,”  Girls making place cards for the Christmas table, snacking and yakking with all the Sittigs at Grandma Honey’s house, girls in their tent beds, Laurel’s Christmas stocking…  I am thankful.

19 thoughts on “A Houseful of Christmas 2014

    • Thanks Elaine!! I think we’re scheduled to get together mid January– We’ll get an email out soon!! Will be fun to hear all you’ve been doing!! (and I’ve seen s few highlights on Facebook– you have the cutest guys in your fam).

    • Thanks Daisy– Hope you had a blessed Christmas time with your family– Did you travel north? And I’m wondering how you’re settling into your new home. Do you have kitchen all set? Been missing you…

      • This Christmas I didn’t get to be with my kids and I missed them so much! We have been working on renovating the kitchen as we are able…it’s not easy since we have been away so much due to our ministry/job, but we have made some progress. I can’t wait to share it on the Blog with everyone 🙂

        • Daisy– sounds like your life has been full the last weeks. Glad you had the beautiful time in Ohio. Looking forward to the house report when you can… God bless you in all that you have ahead this year. He is good.

  1. Hi Rhonda! My most sincere greetings for the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May 2015 be a fulfilling, safe and happy year! I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing these beautiful stories and beautiful photos of your beautiful family. Hugs from Cambodia. 🙂

  2. I love this: “is anyone still reading?” YES! Although it is now the New Year and I’m only just catching up on emails and blogs…. hugs.

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