Grand Central Market

DSC00122Hi all–  While our kids were here for Christmas, we took a turn through the Grand Central Market down in L.A.  The old fruit & vegetable stands and spice vendors are still there, but new eateries of all stripes have popped up all along the narrow aisles.  It was a food wonderland!

DSC00123     DSC00119
Opened in 1917, the Grand Central Market is the largest and oldest market in Los Angeles.

The dry good vendor sells everything from canned goods to beans to chills…

Dried fruit, coffee, nuts and spices for sale here at the “Chiles Secos” stall.

Jones’ Grain Mill now sells all kinds of vitamins and health food items.

The grand-girls and I stopped by the candy/nut stand after lunch for a little bag  of brightly colored Mexican candies, sold by the pound.

DSC00118     DSC00144

DSC00160     DSC00126
We all split up and set off in search of lunch– here are Bel Campo Meats (luscious sandwiches), China Cafe, G&B Coffee, and Roast to Go (amazing tacos etc.)  Charlotte and I tracked down some 7 year old approved wood fired pizza!

DSC00131     DSC00138

DSC00136     DSC00147
Over lunch we shared bites of pastrami sandwiches, pizza, carnitas, empanadas, Chinese chicken & rice…

It was a noisy, crowded, flavor filled morning at the Grand Central Market– I’m ready to go again…

8 thoughts on “Grand Central Market

  1. Besides the very fun adventure of visitng Grand Central Market, did you find the prices reasonable for fresh produce and bulk items?

    • Hi Sandy– fun to hear from you! The prices were low– but the produce didn’t seem exceptional– and really the main attraction for people, I think, were all the restaurant stands that have come in. It’s was just a lot of colorful, noisy fun.

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