Moments with Mae

Hi there friends–  Well, last weekend was a whirl of sweet fun.  Aaron and Jessica were on a trip so they brought me up to San Francisco and flew Laurel out from Chicago and Ani trekked a couple miles across town for a “Girls Weekend” to babysit our Mae!!     Here’s the highlights:

DSC00806    10633862_10103864565321923_5417343177037462654_o
There was squishy Playdough and lots of story reading.

DSC00814     DSC00823
We set out along the park and down to Mae’s favorite breakfast spot for oatmeal topped with yogurt, nuts and fruit.  Here’s she’s looking over all the toppings with Aunt Ani.


10317781_10103864566669223_8585837015772320323_o   10830491_10103864566664233_8849017285676404723_oAnd Uncle Brian ferried us all down to Chrissy Field for a Taco picnic, some bouncy ball playing and a walk along the bay toward the Golden Gate.

And at the end of the day, there was always bath time– It was three days with little Mae and my two girls– “the aunties”. What could be better than that?


20 thoughts on “Moments with Mae

  1. Oh dear Rhonda! What could have been better?? My heart just sings to see these pictures and to hear about what a wonderful time you had! Mae, AND Laurel and Ani? YAY, and YAY!!! YIPPEE! Love you dear friend.

  2. This might top the list of all time best girl weekends! I am so glad that you could have such a wonderful weekend with your girls (and Brian and Harry too :]) Thanks for sharing the fun.

  3. Priceless photos. Thanks for sharing these special moments. Maybe someday I will have my Grandma moments, but of course they need to find their perfect partners first.

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