So Many Readers

Hi all you Reading Friends–  I had no idea there were ever so many pictures of people reading books until I delved into Pinterest!  It’s always been one of my very favorite art themes.  I have three “readers’ framed on my living room wall right now.

So just for fun, I wanted to send off some of my favorite reading art and illustrations– It will just make you want to pick up a book!

Woman reading my Michael Steirnagel

Mathilda by Quentin Blake, one of my very favorite illustrators, graces the cover of Roald Dahl’s engaging book.  I read it to my 4th graders every year…

This could be the reading rabbi– Alexander Klevin

Girls with armfuls of books–

The Storybook– by Catrin Weiz Stein

And of course, Dr. Seuss!

The Understudy by Chad Gowey

The Prophet Zechariah– Sistene Chapel –Micahaelangelo

From the cover of one of my favorite picture books– The Library by Sarah Stewart, illustrator– David Small.

Moments to Myself– Joseph Lorusso.

There’s more– Just start down those Pinterest rabbit trails and you’ll see hundreds.  I do think it’s grand to peek in on all those people deep into a good book.  Hope you enjoyed it too.

8 thoughts on “So Many Readers

  1. I enjoy reading your posts every day. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and your life with the rest of us!

    The photo of the little girls in your post today is so heartwarming. I would love to purchase a copy of it – can you direct me to the appropriate site? (the one listed below the picture is not accurate)

    Thanks in advance.

    Sue K

  2. Oh I love love love these! There are several similar works I’ve purchased in postcard size at museums and a favorite dream is to one day cover a wall–top to bottom, side to side–with works of art depicting readers, set in my library!

  3. Love all the reading illustrations you posted, Rhonda, but my favorite is “The Library,” by Sarah Stewart, maybe because that’s exactly what I dream of doing when I segue into retirement…pulling a wagon full of library books home. Nothing could be finer!

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