San Francisco Weekend

DSC01435Hi there– It was a dark and stormy night– and it was, driving home from San Francisco late on Sunday.  A bit harrowing, but I got home safe and sound despite a lightning crash that nearly sent me reeling off the interstate 5!

But the days in the city with the kids were sunny and bright– so much lovely eating, scenic hiking and cozy sits on the sofa together.  It was a fine time.  Here’s a few pics:

DSC01438    DSC01456

DSC01467     DSC01476
We set off on a late afternoon hike along the Land’s End trail– hilly forrested pathways overlooking the cliffs below the Gold Gate Bridge.  Fun to hang out with Ian & Alexa!

DSC01422     DSC01480

DSC01495     DSC01496
And there was some lovely eating– a table full of tapas, our favorite Spanish lunch, at Esperpento.  And dinner at a new Brew Pub just opened in Ani & Brian’s neighborhood–Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company for mussels, pork & spaetzle, hearts of palm salad…

DSC01526     DSC01534
DSC01536     DSC01510

DSC01523      IMG_7376    We took a stroll and stopped for a sandwich at Fort Mason, spent a pleasant hour picking out books at a super used books store in a barracks building and snooped through plots of a community garden. And of course, no weekend would be complete without a stop for ice cream (or blended yogurt this time!!)

Thanks Ani, Brian and Laurel for all the fun out and about on our weekend together.  xox


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