Meeting our new little Eero

Aaron with his new little Eero (thanks for the photo, Jessica)

Hi Friends–  We made a quick trip, up the interstate to San Francisco this past weekend to meet brand new baby Eero!  So much cuddling and singing and studying that little guys sweet face.  It was a joy.  Plus we got to hang out with his big sister Mae and their fine parents, A + J.  And good times, too with Ani and Brian.  Here’s just a few pics:

DSC02559     IMG_3084

DSC02569We loved being at Aaron and Jessica’s– the chance to play with our grand-girl Mae and catch up with our kids and have a scrumptious Mother’s Day waffle breakfast around their table.

DSC02585     DSC02582

11259859_10153369268704665_5428222334612262377_nAnd we had some great Ani & Brian hang out time too– a snacky lunch at the Sunset Brewing Company and Ani’s yeasty waffles.  Plus another momental hike down to the beach for coffee and back up through Golden Gate Park.  It was grand.


So long for now little Eero.  Hope to see you again real soon– God bless and keep you.


10 thoughts on “Meeting our new little Eero

  1. Oh, Rhonda! What fun to spend some time with the family together! We just had a baby shower for my daughter this past weekend and almost everyone made it (some were 15 hrs away, and couldn’t make it). It was so much fun to see everyone and enjoy being together. We don’t get to do that too often because of distance, but oh, how wonderful when we can! Congratulations on Eero — the pictures are precious! 🙂

    • The shower sounds perfect– what’s better than celebrating someone like a new little life with people who you know and love? Did you travel up to Ohio? I love showers– so much hope and happiness. I’m heading up to SF this weekend for a baby shower for my daughter’s sister-in-law– sounds like a distant relative, but I love that girl. And, of course, I’ll check in on our Eero while I’m there. Fun to hear from you like always Daisy. xo

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