Another Birthday or One Wild & Precious Life

Jodi’s photo of grand-girls and their grandma celebrating at the yogurt shop.  

Hi there blog buddies–  Just read this:

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
— Mary Oliver (Pulitzer prize winning poet).*

It’s the time of year that questions like this one come to mind– Passed another birthday this week and it sets me to thinking.  And also birthdays are an excuse for some grand fun-

My fun friend, Jill, packed the  fanciest picnic lunch for my 40 minute lunch break from school,  Larry and I celebrated at an Angel game (and got caught on the jumbo-torn by the “kiss cam!”).  There was happy birthday yogurt with the grand-girls and guilty pleasure hamburgers out with our folks, a couple sweet surprises left on our front porch (Who, oh who, left the Chinese cookies?)…

But there’s been time to think as well.  At 63 (yikes! 63?!), you know that your days ahead are numbered.  It’s a chance to be more intentional, to review how you’re spending those days and to ask how you really do want to spend this “wild and precious life.”

I have some ideas– mostly involving more time with people I love, cooking for friends, reading with grand-girls, talk with our kids.  And by now in life, I’m finally learning to rest, really rest in the tender, eternal love of God– so is precious to me.  God is good.

*Read that quote in Falling Upward, a book my friend Fran passed on to me (thanks Fran!)– and it really caught my attention.

16 thoughts on “Another Birthday or One Wild & Precious Life

  1. Happy birthday dear friend! I’m so glad we’re ’52 babies together–let’s keep celebrating for another 20 or 30 years, shall we? “The best is yet to be . . .” love in Jesus.

  2. Happy Birthday Rhonda – 63 is remember the new 43! And if you need additional inspiration that age is just a number – my dad will be 80 this year – and he and my mother hopped in the car and drove to England – doing the trip in 2 days with a stopover in Belgium. They had a shared bottle of wine in Belgium to celebrate the first leg of the trip and arrived in the UK full of beans. So you see, 60 is the new 40 and 80 is the new 60 see?!

  3. Hi Rhonda, sorry I forgot to tell you I left the cookies on your door cause I forgot to give them to you. It’s to surprise your grandgirls. Jill

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    • Another surprise Jill!! (you’re so good at them!)- Are they from your Shanghai trip last week? I will deliver them soon– thanks you are awesome (but you already new that!) love you friend. xo

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