The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

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Hello Reader Friends–

My reading buddy Carole left this on my doorstep last week along with her hearty recommendation– and it was every bit as delightful and intriguing as she said it would be.  Thanks Carole!

The deftly crafted tale, sweeps you off from New York to a remote village in Burma (Myanmar).  It begins as a successful lawyer, Tin Win, tells his family he off to a meeting in Boston and never returns.  Four years later his daughter, Julia, finds his love letter to a woman who lives in her father’s native village in Burma.

So she sets off to the village and finds U Ba, waiting to tell her the story of her father’s early years, weaving a tale of tenderness and resilience.  Tim Win was deserted by parents as a young boy and eventually becomes blind.  He blossoms under the tutelage of a monk in the village monastery and there meets the young girl, Mimi.  Compensating for his blindness, he develops the “art of hearing heartbeats” and the poignant relationship that ensues between the two young people is a story of perseverance and a sweet love that transcends time and place.

As Julia sits and listens for days to the story of her father, she comes to finally know him and the hardships and culture that shaped him.  It’s a magical, mysterious sort of story, almost an eastern fairy tale.  Through the twists and turns of the story, you find people you can admire and a story you take with you. Perfect summer read.


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