Good Times in Big Bear

Taking a break on our hike along the town ridge trail, overlooking the lake. 

Hi all– just back from a long-ish weekend in Big Bear with some of our kids.  And-yikes!– I took too many pictures.  Here’s a bunch to remember the good times together–  Monumental hikes, water gun fights, picnic dinner by the lake, reading on the back deck under the pine trees…

Warning: I’m about to test your limits of endurance on how many photos should be loaded onto one post.

DSC02692     DSC02786
Brian and little Jobay lead the hike.  Charlotte at the trailhead ready to climb.

DSC02787     DSC02812
Ani and Brian start up the trail with Harry.  Brian the rock climber!

View from the top of Castle Rock (This is Jodi’s picture– I did not made it that high!)

11539611_716697975107765_2297386011139018143_n     DSC02820
Three little mountain goats and their Dad.  Grandpa Larry & Charlotte point out the trail!

The whole group together at the end of the Castle Rock Trail.  (Do we look beat?  We are!)

Of course, we had some good eating together –our favorite pastime.
DSC02663     DSC02844
Gr. Larry serves up the pizza at Saucy Mama’s & grills burgers to eat out on the porch.

The last night we all ran through the grocery store to pick up an impromptu picnic for dinner under the pine trees by the lake.

DSC02923     DSC02852
Jobay has something to say to her dad– and french toast back at the cabin for breakfast.

And, of course, you can’t have too much ice cream on vacation!!

DSC02735     DSC02764

And we celebrated Chinese “Dragon Boat Day” with an afternoon lesson on how to make sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves– followed by a luscious (& spicy!) Chinese feast at a place M&J like in Big Bear.  Ganbei!

DSC02882     DSC02862
We spent a sunny morning out on the lake in paddle boats– lots of splashing and crashing and an occasional high-five  going on.

And mostly we just hung out around the cabin–
DSC02642     DSC02637
The girls pushed their way through the rose thicket to “explore” behind the cabin, gathering pine cones and picking wild flowers.

DSC02673     DSC02649
Brian hanging out on the back porch– and the last spring wild roses blooming in the yard.

There were screaming rides for 3 grand-girls on the swing!

DSC02676     DSC02901
And ferocious water gun fights with Aunt Ani —  and a tranquil view off the back porch.

Good times at the Big Bear Cabin for Larry, Jodi, Brian Jobay, Ani, Maryann, Micah and Charlotte.  So glad for the days there with them all.

So thanks you all for making the trek up to Big Bear.   It was just grand!

P.S.– Thanks bunches Ani & Jodi for all the photos I stole from your Facebook page.

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