Ten Things to do with Grand-girls on Summer Day

DSC02941Hello all– Do you have any grand-girls of our own?  Then you know how much exhilarating, exhausting fun they can be.  Just being with them makes me feel younger — when they’re around, I find myself singing silly songs and dancing and racing around the house in a way I would never do on my own.  There’s knock knock jokes that don’t quite make sense and Maryann’s “Food Experiment Club,” that impels us to try odd combinations of what’s on our plates at dinnertime.  It’s definitely energizing to have them around the house!

Here’s 10 Things we thought were good old summer fun together:

DSC02955     DSC02988     #1.  Start the day with a “wake up song”– our personal favorite is “Good morning to you!”
(we are still waiting for the wake up on this photo).  #2.  Drag out the paper, glue and scissors for a little kitchen cupboard art display.

#3.  Head to Great Grandma Lo’s pool for a splashing good afternoon.

DSC02992     DSC02973#4. Eat a Chinese Breakfast together– dumplings and bowls of rice soup with egg and sesame stuffed rice balls (thanks Jodi!!).  #5.  Dig up their auntie’s of doll houses and furniture for an afternoon of mini- interior-decorating.

#6.  Round up a couple of little farmers here to plant two tomato plants, a watermelon plant and rows of flower seeds back behind the garage.  (Last year we did sunflowers and zinnias and I would email them pics of the flowers as they grew.)

IMG_1794     DSC02947.
#7. An after dinner stop at Yogurtland.  It’s all about the colorful toppings.  #8.  Gather around the coffee table to a not too formal tea party (by tea, I mean peach juice) on Great-great Grandma Grace’s fancy China.

DSC02963#9.  Make a morning trek to the library to stock up on good reading for bedtime and long hot summer afternoons.

DSC02996#10.  And my personal favorite– Cooking with the grand-girls.  Here they’re helping me out by licking the whipped cream beaters nice and clean.

Here’s hugs to my girls for all the riotous fun together the last week.  You’re the best!


15 thoughts on “Ten Things to do with Grand-girls on Summer Day

    • Yep, those girls know how to enjoy a good creamy beater!! You need to come out ant hang out with them– we’ve been having a blast! Even that Jobay is getting to be a talker. Hugs to you Lo!!

  1. What great pictures, Rhonda! It’s like a beautiful scrapbook of your day! I am loving spending time with my grand girls– one lives about 18 hours away, so I’ve only seen her twice, but we are so thankful for FaceTime and Skype. It’s almost as good as being there… almost. The other grand girl doesn’t live quite so far so we get to see her more often. So much fun!! Love your photos! 🙂

    • I agree Daisy– Skype is awesome. We did it when the kids lived in China– but mostly the girls would giggle and run around so their parents would just circle around a follow them with the computer. funny.

  2. What fun! Glad you are able to have some good times with them. Sing a silly song, dance around the house and give them each a big hug once or twice for me.

  3. Okey-dokey– We’re just in from a trip to the Santa Ana Zoo– just a few animals, a carosel, farm and playground. I’m beat– so now we are coloring and resting! Hugs back to you Lu!!

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