On the Town– New York

Sunny day at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

Hello friends –Back from from New York, celebrating our 40th anniversary,  a few days in the city and points beyond — just Larry and me and we had a grand time.  And it was a picture takers paradise– so I’m warning you–don’t come to my house or you may have to sit through endless photos.  But for here I’ve narrowed it all down… In no particular order here’s our NYC top ten:

DSC03517     DSC03102

#1.Central Park–  Maybe because we are drought bound here in socal, but I was totally taken with all the luscious green and flowing water of Central Park.  We had a couple good park strolls and the beauty on all sides and the people watching were the best!


DSC03089     DSC03081#2.  One of our first stops was the Natural History Museum at the parks edge.  To start with– the building is magnificent, worth the stop on it’s own.  And we spent a morning wandering from room to room– from the Rose Space Center to the huge animal dioramas to the exhibits of cultures around the world.  Loved it.


DSC03219     DSC03217#3.  One rainy morning we taxied down to Chelsea Market in search of breakfast and a quiet couple hours walking from shop to delicious shop–bakeries, produce, spices, flowers, eating spots…  Inspirational.  It made me want to come home and start cooking!

DSC03358     DSC03356#4.  Sunday early we made our way across the upper west side to  Redeemer Presbyterian’s new campus.  A wonderful worshipful morning with God’s people there.


DSC03254     DSC03245

DSC03241#5.  One of my very favorite stops was the New York Public Library.  Our short spunky tour guide was bright and thoroughly a New Yorker.  She led us through a fact-packed tour of the reading rooms, map room, private collections and just to admire the elegant 1911 building itself.  Loved the grand stone lions out front named “Patience” and “Fortitude.”


DSC03275     DSC03271#6.  Saturday lunch time found us following along after our friendly tour guide on a food tour of Greenwich Village.  She had stories of people and places around the neighborhood (including Louisa Mae Alcott’s home) and made several stops to sample food treats at shops along the way.


6.204304     DSC03329#7.  For our big night out we had tickets to see “On the Town.”  I loved the old Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra movie made from this Leonard Bernstein musical– so the production was a treat.  So much fantastic singing and dancing!


DSC03426     DSC03446#8.  We made our way across the Brooklyn Bridge in some sweltering heat– with the views across the river to Manhattan and a distant look at the Statue of Liberty off in the harbor– and then rested at the end amid the elegant lower Manhattan city buildings.


DSC03398     DSC03369

DSC03412#9.  A detour to Brooklyn gave us an afternoon in the extensive and so pretty Brooklyn Botanical Garden– we wandered through the forested natural pathway, the formal gardens, past the Japanese pagodas and into the fragrance garden.  Beautiful. And then we  popped across the street to Prospect Park to take in the Leffert House, a 1700’s Dutch colonial farm home with a most enthusiastic young tour guide.


DSC03483     DSC03494

DSC03496     DSC03503     #10.  And the Grand Dame for NYC tourists, the Metropolitan Museum, where we spent most of a day. We started the morning with a slightly snooty and extremely knowledgable tour guide and then moved on to explore on our own through the afternoon.  Glorious.

P.S. Just a couple more favorite pictures:
DSC03176     DSC03475

DSC03315     DSC03425

Photos–carousel at Bryant Park on the balmy evening we sat there for Shakespeare in the Park–Romeo & Juliet.  Doors of Saint Bartholomew’s Church, an old favorite–so many magnificent buildings all over town.  The best serendipity of the trip– finding our niece Katie & Nathan in NYC and joining them for dinner!  Larry reading the subway map– my amazing navigator and best travel partner.

P.P.S.  There was also so much good eating on this trip, but I’m saving that for another post.

P.P.P.S  thanks to Broadway.com for the On the Town photo.

15 thoughts on “On the Town– New York

  1. Wow! What an amazing trip! 40 years?!?!! Congratulations!!! What a tremendous blessing to be able to celebrate such a milestone. May God continue to bless you both abundantly! xoxo

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