Out & About with A & K (Vacation part #3!)

DSC03876Hello there– Here’s a few more pics of our summer trip– the part where we dropped in on our daughter-in-law Jessica’s kind and generous parents, Alfie & Karen, in the far north reaches of New York state.  We loved, loved our time with them there.


DSC03863     DSC03864
Alfie navigated us hither and yon all over Cranberry Lake in their zippy power boat skimming across the water.  We were just soaking up all the beauty.

DSC03889     DSC03895

So thank Alfie and Karen for being so warm and welcoming. It was great to see the “sugar shack”– the source of all the heavenly maple syrup– and should I mention Alfies’ BIG breakfasts– and homemade bread?!!  We’re just hoping you two will make the trip down to So Cal before too long!

11 thoughts on “Out & About with A & K (Vacation part #3!)

    • Hi Linda– so fun to here from you!! Yep, we had a fine time driving up to Quebec City, but really the highlight of our trip was hanging out with Alfie & Karen– and getting to meet you and your kids (and see you amazing garden!!). Thanks for the visit.

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