Quebec City — Vacation’s End

DSC03999Hello there–  To finish up our vacation this summer, we trekked north through some gorgeous countryside to Quebec City– all that history, grandeur and lovely food.  It was a fine ending to our trip.

We love loved wandering the streets of the older walled city– stone buildings on winding streets, flower boxes and views across the seaway.

DSC03915     DSC03933

photos:  the Place Royale–the oldest plaza in Quebec City (and our dinner stop the first night),  a busy shopping street in the lower oldest part of town, coming out of our favorite breakfast stop,  night time walk through the gate in the city wall at the Grande Allee.

Larry and I spent a several hours studying our way through museums (one of our favorite vacation time occupations).

DSC03950     DSC03988

DSC03987     DSC03983

photos:  Soldier from the French speaking troop stands guard at the Citadel, the largest fort in North America, built in the early 1800’s to keep out the Americans!  Diorama (I’m a sucker for those things) of the Battle of Saint Poy (1760).  From the Museum of Civilization, an exhibit on Quebec Hockey history.  Built in the 1700’s, a home of a French merchant, Maison Chevalier.  Interior of the home, later in the 1800’s.  In the Musee National des Beaux-Arts Larry examines the room arranged in the traditional format of the original art museum.

On Sunday, we worshipped in a gloriously beautiful service in the Anglican Church.  And that afternoon enjoyed a lovely organ and violin concert in the Cathedral of Notre Dame du Sacre-Coeur.

DSC04003      DSC03958
photos:  The Baroque interior of Notre Dame.  Looking across the plaza to Notre Dame.  And the more restrained, but still beautiful altar of the Anglican Church.

Our last morning we drove out to a leafy green park, Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge we had spotted on our drive into Quebec City, walking through forested pathways, across grand lawns, past elaborate flower plantings, ending at an 1800’s tea house.
DSC04075   DSC04049



DSC04074     DSC04069
photos:  Park entrance.  Pathway into the forest walk.  A bench placed for a tranquil rest spot.  A pond echoing Monet’s garden.  The tea house, supplies with beautiful pastries.

Good-bye Quebec.  We loved our stay.


11 thoughts on “Quebec City — Vacation’s End

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Quebec. The idea of a ‘little France’ within Canada is very fascinating to me, particularly as the culture has evolved into something completely unique over time. The photos are gorgeous. Glad that you enjoyed soaking up the history and outdoors! xx

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