Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

IMG_2840Hi all– well, last week around here the temperature was in the high 90’s!  Real summer easing into September.  And I had the remnants of a watermelon from when our melon eating grand-girls were here.  So it seemed like the right idea to, but to whirl up this fresh cold drink.

I got the recipe from one of the most beautiful blogs I read every week.  Serena in Italy is an artist with her food photography and she posted this yummy recipe.  You can find her at  . I think you’ll love her work.

IMG_28384 cups watermelon, cut in small chunks
3 cups strawberries, stems removed and cut in half
2 or 3 mint leaves

Cut up the watermelon and pop it into the freezer for 3 to 4 hours.

When the watermelon is frozen, then drop the strawberries, frozen watermelon and mint leaves into a blender and whirr it into a bright frozen slushie.  Makes two servings.

Pour it into a glass and drink it right on the spot!  So fresh and bright!



18 thoughts on “Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

    • vodka? next time I get a watermelon in the house, I’m giving that try! and bad person? You send out so much beauty and cheer– I’m imagining you couldn’t possibly be a “bad person” dear Poli!

      • Glad to provide some inspiration – it is really very nice with some vodka on a hot evening – I haven’t had one for years sadly come to think of it and now the summer is over, so you shall have to enjoy one for me. Thank you for your warmhearted comment – was a grand thing to read after a tough day in the mines (well not really but you know what I mean) – I am pretty certain that everyone needs a Rhonda in their life (or failing that a thankful heart :)) – have a beautiful day

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