Yak Stew (or lunch in China)

Hello all– I was rummaging through some old photos and came upon this day we stopped in a small village in the interior of China for lunch.  Not just any lunch, but yak stew.  And it was surprisingly delicious!

We were visiting Ted & Luanne (my sis and her husband at the time) who lived some miles down the mountain road.  They took us on a countryside tour that couldn’t have been more intriguing and gorgeous– photos by the Yangtze River, visiting the home of an early British explorer and passing luscious fields of cabbages and water buffalo on farm after farm.

And for lunch there was yak.

IMG_5612      IMG_5619

photos:  My Larry, Ted and our travel buddies heading into the restaurant, the noted Yak Stew,  and other bright fresh dishes to finish it off…

And there were other fascinating people and things to be seen in town:
IMG_5624  IMG_5632  IMG_5607
A walk along the stone streets, courtyard door, outdoor lunch prep on laundry day.

The mountains above
View across the rooftops.

Neighborhood ladies resting in a courtyard of the pharmacy.


Thanks Ted and Lu for the marvelous memorable days with you in China.  Wouldn’t it be remarkable to do it all again? xox


31 thoughts on “Yak Stew (or lunch in China)

  1. Such sweet memories. We do need to do it again, but this time we would take you to see Ragova Mountains, along with some little old Albanian ladies and feed you fli with ajvar.

  2. Did it taste like chicken? 🙂 That’s what my husband always asks me! The photos are fantastic! So interesting. Whenever I think of China, I can’t help thinking about Hudson Taylor. The book, “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret” made an impact on my life when I read it as a freshman in college. I’ve read it again several times and each time it’s very challenging and uplifting. I hope you get to visit China soon!! 🙂

    • hahaha!! Hi Daisy– I read the Hudson Taylor book in college too! Amazing man, amazing life. Another similar, more recent book that I loved was City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell. Story of her grandparents trekking into interior China as missionaries –a newly married young couple living working in a war torn China in the early 1900’s. It alternates between narrative and Katherine’s journal. Really worthwhile. Always, always fun to her form you Daisy– it feels like you’re the best kind of next door neighbor!

      • That’s so sweet of you to say, Rhonda! I am so thankful always for your encouraging comments on my blog, especially when I’m away for weeks! 🙂 I am going to look up the book you mentioned so I can read it– It sounds great. I am reading a book now, written by a friend who was a missionary to Vietnam for years during WWII. It’s called My Vietnam and it’s by Charlotte Stemple.

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