Quiet Big Bear Weekend

DSC04290Hi you all– Home from a super relaxing weekend up in Big Bear, just Larry and me.   Two days of mostly sitting on the porch with something cold to drink at hand and a book in our lap.  Plus a few brisk walks and plenty of good food.

DSC04278 DSC04281We walked over the village for a reading breakfast and spotted this vibrant vine on the way back to the cabin.  I’ve never seen it before.  Anyone know what it is??

View down the boardwalk, from our post-lunch, windy trek along the estuary– which was a little sad because it is completely dry now due to the drought!

DSC04266   DSC04268
Saturday morning, I slipped over to Foxfarm Antiques–spent an hour browsing and picked up a couple pretty things (no mounted deer heads!) to bring home to my kitchen.

On the way down the mountain, Larry picked the best turnout spot to stop at sunset to watch the lunar eclipse as the moon came up over a distant mountain.  It was glorious and more vivid than I can show with my little camera.

I loved the these days, seeing God’s hand in the mountains and trees as the wind rustled the branches overhead.  Time slowed down to thank him in the quietness.  I am grateful.


13 thoughts on “Quiet Big Bear Weekend

    • Hey Ruthie– thanks. I was in the middle of a book Jan Frank mentioned in class– and just read through 3 women’s memoirs. So interesting to get in on a life so different than my own. Hope to see you tonight friend! xo

  1. I always feel closest to God when I’m in nature too. It’s something about the expansive beauty, the air, the ability to block out technology and all of the demands of modern society for a while. Glad that you and Larry had the opportunity to spend some quality time away in such a gorgeous place (with an eclipse of all things! Aaron and I saw the most stunning moonrise on our wedding night. We thought it was God’s big shout out that he was a part of it all, just amazing). And although I don’t know the name of that stunning red vine, I want to find out! It’s an amazing colour xx

    • HiLaura–Love the gift of the moonrise on your wedding night– God is all around, but I’m habitually in such a rush, it takes times away to stop and see his beauty. — and it’s true about blocking out technology. WE only have our phones at the cabin and it’s restful to be away from big screens, pouring over images for a few days…

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