Wedding by the Sea

DSC04348View across Pismo Beach

Hi friends– Last weekend we headed up to Pismo Beach for the warm and wonderful wedding of our nephew Adam and his Wendy.  The ceremony was lovely with the bouncing flock of small nieces and nephews serving as attendants  and our beloved Grandpa Stu offering some sage words and notes from scripture.  They’re married!!  And we were so glad to be there with them for the beautiful day.

12080059_10153023405361736_1551368118764430132_oWendy and Adam all with the whole Ruhe/Tellez Family

12068931_10104695446170043_2090375025048915907_o     DSC04356
Grandpa Stu & Grandma Honey wait for the ceremony to begin.  Micah, Jodi and the 3 grand-girls in their wedding best!

And the next day we spent the day with Ani & Brian seeing the sights around Pismo Beach.
DSC04367     DSC04379

DSC04378     DSC04381
Ani & Brian along the shore, talking on the pier walk, love those pelicans, phone break over coffee.

So glad, thankful for the chance to celebrate Adam & Wendy along with the family.

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