12182587_679054412386_3114323731215632846_oHi there–we had the grand-girls (and their dear parents) here this weekend, down to celebrate a couple birthdays.  I know I sound like “one of those grandmas”  –but I just have to say I get more besotted with this girls every time we’re together.  I wouldn’t trade them in for anything!

So here’s 10 reasons why I’m sticking with this grandma job:
#1.  I hear the car roll up and they charge in the door shouting, “Grandma Rhonda!!”
#2. Sittig through the new Peanuts movie,* Jobay on my lap.  After the first hour, she looks up at me and says, “This is a long movie Grandma!!”
#3. Three girls tumble into the kitchen to frost a cake for Great Grandma Honey’s birthday       and set to it with every single sprinkle to be found in the cupboards. Exciting cake!
#4. We pull out the doll house furniture my grown girls used to play with and they spend an hour fixing up their houses.
#5.  Reading my favorite version of the Thanksgiving story on the sofa together.
#6.  Charlotte doing backwards writing in her journal (ala DaVinci) then pulling me over to the mirror to read it along with her.
#7.  And there’s the raucous sing-a-long with Tom Chapin songs in the car.
#8.  As well as the steady stream of bad puns and knock-knock jokes from someone’s Laugh Aloud Joke Book for Kids.
#9. Love Sunday morning breakfast with syrup sticky fingers and forks while the sun streams in the kitchen windows.
#10. Hugs, lots of hugs.

Yep, being the grandma is the best job I’ve had yet.  And it gives a whole lot of joy watching these girls grow and change over the years.  I pray their lives will be filled to the brim with the love of people around them and the everlasting love of God.

*P.S. — Loved the Peanuts movie, all the old Charlie Brown antics and great music with colorfully clear new animation.


26 thoughts on “Grand-girls

  1. Being drafted back into active service is a great thing. You get to experience things, the second time around, that you were too tired to notice way back when you were a young mum. Enjoy.

      • I do have grand-girls, two of them, and two boys. Both at different stages of their journey. The girls are already at high school. One phoned yesterday to ask a maths question, I passed her on to her grandad. The other girl and I had a bit of fun taking apart a pretentious poet she has to study this year. The grandparenting is never ending, Rhonda, and neither is the fun. (ps. wish I’d kept the original legos. You obviously had some foresight.)

        • Agree, agree. Grandparenting is just the best parts of parenting. Sounds like you have such good connections with your grandkids. Our oldest is in 3rd grade and I’m loving the chance to start talking about books and her little 8 year perspective on life. So fun to hear from you. thanks

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