Giving Thanks Again


We’re on it today– pumpkin and chocolate tarts in the oven, shining up the grand-girls for the big family gathering, roasting maple carrots, collecting everyone to head over to the feast…

We’re just about too busy to be thankful.  So I want to take the moment, to settle my heart.

I’m remembering this year since the last Thanksgiving– easy to be thankful for hikes with the grand-girls, meals with old friends, intriguing books, quiet Friday nights with Larry, long talks with my mom…  But there were days that were much harder to give thanks– an unexpected illness, tensions at work that surprised me, misunderstandings that had to talked out…

And have you seen lately, so many articles, anecdotes on how being thankful makes you happier?  I’m working on it!  Today with all our kids together, a table full of bounty, sunshine through the windows in San Francisco, it’s easy to be truly thankful. But even when disagreeable days loom, I’m hoping to be doggedly thankful, happy to count God’s gifts.  Life is rich and God is good.  I remain thankful.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
–I Thessalonians 8:18


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